For PHOMI Holding the day of December 28th 2017 became a double-fold celebration. On one hand it was the day of Laibin’s City foundation 15th anniversary, on the other, the third MCM Production Base has been successfully commissioned into operation.

It was our great pleasure to have distinguished guests from local government, business partners and PHOMI staff to converge at this outstanding and significant opening ceremony.

The need of the third PHOMI production base creation was dictated by the international and domestic market demand. It was created by the products innovative features, its high quality, competitive prices, clear national market focus and geographical expansion.

The third PHOMI MCM Production Base, covers the area of 52.5 ha, out of which 35,000 m2 occupies the production space with 80 automatic production lines. The total investment resulted in a US$40,057,930. Estimated annual production output is planned on the level of US$132,499,307.

After establishing on the Global market the MCM building decoration materials, together with the opening of the third production base, Phomi MCSM (Modified Clay Sports Materials) and MCF (Modified Clay Flooring) programmes were put into action. MCSM & MCF areas received their birth as PHOMI’s second ecological industry, offering non-toxic, safe, environmentally friendly, recyclable and durable philosophy and value to the Global market. The burgeoning of the use of MC Technology as a method of MCSM & MCF will bring considerable benefits to human society and environment for the inevitable significance.

In addition, PHOMI is on the way of developing the other eco friendly industries based on MC (modified clay) technique, such as MCR (Modified Clay Road), MCF (Modified Clay Furniture), MCT (Modified Clay Tile), MCV (Modified Clay Vehicle), MCN (Modified Clay Utensils) and MCA (Modified Clay Art). It came the time when we are poised to implement an explosive growth plan to alter traditional industry mode with its energy-intensive and pollution-intensive production cycle into low carbon industry and generate the integration of sustainable production chains, making inestimable economic and social benefits to perfect our world.